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Google Keep™ is a very user friendly note keeper that you can use on every device you want and have your notes always accessible. Google Keep™ PowerUp is aiming to provide all the missing key-features focusing on productivity in a work environment.


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  • not_interested Confidential notes Keep the content of your notes confidential without renouncing to have your Google Keep™ application open full screen.
  • keyboard_tab Tabs Use tabs to align text as you prefer. Very useful to arrange data in a tabular form or to indent a code snippet.
  • font_download Custom Fonts Customize the font of the content of your notes by specifying which labels are marking such notes.
  • text_format Markdown Format your notes using markdown language.
  • code Code Snippets Format your snippets of code using markdown with code highlighting.


If you need something specific or want to ask for a change, please drop me a message.
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